Welcome to Garrys
Now offering Garrys, an ERC20 Ethereum token that you will soon be able to swap for Chibi Fighters at a 1 to 1 ratio.

The Ratio will be 1 Garry for 1 Fighter

Buying Garrys now, helps support game development and all Garrys Token holders will have the benefit to swap their Garrys for Chibis before they are available at main release.

They will cost a lot more after release

After release the price of each Chibi will be a lot higher, making this a great opportunity to be an early adopter and be part of this great game.

Thank you tons in advance face
It's tough to get a bank funding a game.

pregnant_womanNow go and grab yourself a Garry!

They are hardcapped at 10000

Adding our token to MEW or MC. You are free to choose the token symbol:

garryscoin.eth or 0x8c20d8d54771df6ed6728ca7413ae95e2e5f14ee

Yup, garryscoin.eth can be used instead of an address. 0.01 ETH will return 1 Garry